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MMUK MAN are the UK's leading men's cosmetic experts. Offering a wide range of makeup for men products, including bronzer, foundation and even concealer, we pride ourselves on giving men the gift of a great complexion and a boost in confidence.

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Men’s Eye Makeup Goes to the Next Level

For a number of years now, British born makeup for men specialists MMUK MAN have been serving up a great selection of cosmetic products. From... read more

Press Release • 12.05.2015 • By MMUK MAN

Man Up or Tan Up?

With the explosion of the male cosmetics industry in recent years, we ask the question: Does wearing bronzer, concealer, or even foundation for... read more

Press Release • 27.04.2015 • By MMUK MAN

MMUK MAN release Britain’s very first BB Cream For Men.

In the modern world of men, makeup and skin care, there are all kinds of new products being waved in front of the noses of the UK’s modern man. We... read more

Press Release • 22.01.2014 • By MMUK MAN

Indian gentlemen fuel demand for makeup for men.

It has long been known that the popularity of makeup for men is growing here in the UK. It doesn't take a gene and a lamp to tell you that men... read more

Press Release • 07.01.2014 • By MMUK MAN

10 Makeup For Men Tips For Headshots

Forking out hundreds and hundreds of pounds on your headshots if you’re serious about making it as an actor or male model, can be money very well... read more

Press Release • 01.01.2014 • By MMUK MAN

Mineral Makeup For Men | The Key to Treating and Covering Acne

With an estimated 2.2 million male acne sufferers in the UK between the ages of 14 and 25, there is little surprise that the number of products on... read more

Press Release • 15.04.2013 • By MMUK MAN